Grading Scale

Quality Ratings and Golf Ball Grading Golf Products LLC sells reclaimed/recycled golf balls at the best affordable prices available today.  Our golf balls are ranked in 5 different grades/qualities, according to their condition. uses a proprietary and environmentally friendly cleaning system designed to wash the balls without altering or damaging their original quality. They are never re-coated or refinished as you can often find with other companies.  Our golf balls are hand-selected in the sorting process, each ball is visually inspected and we ensure 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.


  • Recycled Golf Balls
  • Our top quality balls from our hand-selected and graded sorting process
  • Excellent condition/Appear & Feel Like New
  • A golf ball hit once is recycled/used
  • No scuffs or club marks/Very little wear
  • Can contain team or corporate logos and/or standard player pen markings


  • Recycled Golf Balls
  • Very good condition, similar to balls that have been played a few holes
  • Can have slight abrasions or minor discoloration
  • Can have small blemishes or cosmetic
  • Can have larger player pen markings
  • Can contain team or corporate logos


  • Recycled Golf Balls
  • Playable balls for the golfer that doesn't mind some slight abrasions or scuff marks
  • Can have varied discoloration/tint more prevalent on some specific brands
  • Can contain team or corporate logos and/or larger player pen markings/drawings
  • Can include imprints of X-Outs or Practice on them