We Buy Golf Balls!

We Buy Golf Balls

Interested in selling your used golf balls?

Wondering what to do with all the old golf balls piling up in your garage?  You know the ones collecting in the 5 gallon buckets.  We buy used golf balls!

Our Buying Process:
At Golfballs.net/Phoenix Golf Products LLC, we pride ourselves in a hassle-free buying process that is trustworthy and safe for all involved.  Once we've connected with you, we will discuss the minimum number of balls we accept, the pricing model and how we come to our offering price.   Once all parties agree we will talk about the best method in receiving the golf balls, whether they will be shipped to us or dropped off at our local store.  

After checking out your golf balls and assessing the quality and condition of each ball, we then will offer a fair price based on the grade and resale value of the balls received.  At that point we will contact you to make sure you agree on the sale price and a check will be mailed or picked up at your preference and local convenience.

Contact us today to sell your golf balls @ 712-657-2393

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