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Maxfli Softfli Matte Red (Per Dozen)

Maxfli Softfli Matte Red (Per Dozen)

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Maxfli Softfli Matte Red golf balls are designed with the Next Generation Core that offers faster ball speeds, longer distance and low compression for reducing spin with an exceptional soft feel.  Enchanced alignment and aerodynamic dimple patter for higher flight and longer distance makes this a great ball for any golfer.  Perfect High Visibility option for the Maxfli Softfli and the player who wants that colored golf ball.

Player Benefits:

  • Lower Compression for Softer Feel
  • Enhanced Alignment Aid
  • Next Generation Core for Faster Ball Speeds
  • Longer Distance

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PLEASE NOTE: This item will contain various year models of Maxfli Softfli Matte Red.  Some balls may vary slightly in shade and color.

Customer Reviews

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Great condition, overall getting better consistent shots

I've never tried the Maxfli before but found a Red Softfli on the course and started using it and I have no idea why but it just felt better and I was consistently hanging on the green and putts were better. Decided to buy a few dozen from this site and they arrived in mint condition and have been great.